Cycle 3 in 1 incense stick 120 gm

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SKU: 020H0741
Merchant: Ginger Garlic
Cycle 3 in 1 incense stick 120 gm
A pack of Cycle Three in One contains a medley of three exciting fragrances:


1. Serene (Lily) for Devotion – Just like the serene environs where the lily blooms, the delicate, elusive scent of Serene creates an ambience of tranquillity around you. Lose yourself in this breathtaking fragrance, and let peace and calm transcend upon you.

2. Yugantar (Fancy) for prosperity – A fragrance laden with the aroma of fresh fruit, Yugantar is a captivating and enticing creation. Rejuvenate and refresh your senses with this sweet and scrumptious scent that lingers around you long after it is brunt.

3. Jagrane (Intimate) for love – An instantly refreshing, resinous and woody scent of lush greens with coniferous undertones brings within a feeling of warmth, soothes the mind and awakens your senses. Jagrane is a fragrance as pure and fresh as nature that alleviates stress and creates a cosy atmosphere.

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